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  In order to benefit the physical and mental health of employees, exercise everyone's physical quality, improve team cohesion, strengthen employee communication and exchanges, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, and cultivate the good quality of tenacious struggle and courage. E-RICHES Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. organizes employees to carry out different kinds of entertainment activities every year.
The first "E-RICHES Cup" tug-of-war competition

The competition adopts a best-of-three-inning system. Three parallel short lines are drawn on the field with an interval of 2 meters. The center line is the center line, and the two sides are the boundary. A red ribbon is tied in the middle of the tug-of-war rope as a sign belt, and a heavy object is hung below it perpendicular to the midline. The two teams participating in the competition are equal in number and play at the same time. Each team chooses a commander, and the players stand alternately on both sides of the tug-of-war behind the river boundary. The referee issues a "prepare" password, and the players from both sides stand up, pick up the tug-of-war rope, and straighten it to prepare. At this time, the marker band should be perpendicular to the midline. After the referee blows the whistle, both sides pull the rope together, and the team that pulls the flag tape across the river boundary of its own team is the winner.

The 2nd "E-RICHES Cup" Basketball Competition

Compared with the previous competition, this competition has a major adjustment, with knockout, group competition, semi-finals and finals, which will be played round by round. Due to the large number of participants, the knockout rounds are divided into upper and lower halves. The winners advance to the group stage, and the winners of the group stage advance to the semi-finals.A team of five people, one of whom is the captain, and a maximum of seven alternate players, but the number of alternate players can be increased according to the organizer. The game is divided into the first half and the second half, each half is 20 minutes, and the halftime is 10 minutes. After the game, the two teams If the points are the same, a 5-minute playoff will be held. If the score is still the same after 5 minutes, another 5-minute playoff will be played until the winner is determined. Points are counted. 2 points for a throw from the inside of the 3-point line; 3 points for a throw from the outside of the 3-point line; 1 point for a free throw. , the referee throws the ball for both sides to jump the ball and starts the game. Throw-in. 4. Player replacements must be completed within 20 seconds each time a player is replaced, and the number of replacements is not limited. , call a timeout, etc. The referee can temporarily suspend the timing of the game. 5. Each player has 4 free throws to be allowed to foul. No one can block or defend a shot. It is a penalty for the fouling team and gives the other team a chance. The free throw must stand behind the free throw line and shoot within 5 seconds after receiving the ball from the referee. After the ball touches the basket, the free-throw line must not be stepped on.

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